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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Press Release: 5 Million Minutes Served: VoIP Provider Reflects on Successful Start of Operation

JAJAH VoIP provider growing quickly. High average revenue per user, more features to follow.

Vienna, September 19, 2005: Within three days of the initial introduction of JAJAH on July 1, more then 50.000 users have registered. 8 weeks later, an impressive 5 Million minutes have been served. 50% of the users rely on JAJAH for their free peer-to-peer phone calls, whereas 40% use JAJAH to call landline and mobile phones, 10% call other services (SIP, Skype etc.). JAJAH users can be found world-wide in 197 countries, with a remarkable ARPU (average revenue per user) of Eur 1.25, exceeding the ARPU of its competitors by an estimated 80%.

Built on service and philosophy

The impending release of the JAJAH full version (current beta version 2.2.08) will add more features to the already extensive list of services: e.g. free video messaging, the introduction of the Mac version plus inbound number for at least 10 countries. Existing features include text messaging, ringtones, skins and animations. This adds to the JAJAH mobile service that allows massive savings on international calls from your mobile phone. "We base our strategic philosophy on the beliefs of F. Jajah Watamba and understand our all-in-one communication tool as the practical application of free communication.", says JAJAH press manager Roman Scharf.

VoIP keeps on growing rapidly

On a more sober level, there seems to be no end to the world-wide VoIP hype: Following 72 billion minutes of VoIP use in 2005, the IDC expects an increase of up to 1.495 billion minutes until 2009 (2006: 183, 2007:367, 2008:760), with JAJAH undoubtedly taking a big bite out of this cake.

JAJAH technologies GmbH
Wohllebengasse 19
A-1040 Vienna/Austria
PR Manager
Roman Scharf