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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

IP PBX shares over 91 percent of shipments by 2009

I received an email this morning containing a link to this story. I talks about the growth of IP PBX. I hope this keeps on track, from this we know that a certain portion of these will be Asterisk :)


"United States - While the total PBX market is projected to grow by 6.6 percent CAGR through 2009, the traditional PBX will decline rapidly and the IP PBX will continue to soar throughout the period. By 2009, server-based IP PBX shipments will grow from 9.5 million lines to 28.1 million, accounting for over 91 percent of total PBX shipments. In-Stat reports that this year alone, shipments of IP lines are expected to exceed those of the traditional PBX."