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Friday, September 09, 2005

Asterisk Management Portal (AMP) 1.10.009 released!

Hello all,

Asterisk Management Portal 1.10.009 has now been released. This exciting new version has several notable additions (listed below).

The AMP homepage is Here you'll find links to the download, install guide, and documentation wiki.

As usual, please use amportal-users mailing list for discussions about AMP:

AMP 1.10.009 changes:

- Optional separation of Devices and Users. Devices are endpoints (ie: phones), and can be Fixed (to a user), or Adhoc. Users are extensions, with options like voicemail. A user can log in to one or more Adhoc devices by dialing *11, and log-off by dialing *12.

- "Custom" device technology support - this means devices that are not configured directly in AMP's admin can still be used (ie: SCCP)

- Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI). ARI is a php interface to Voicemail and Monitor recordings. (written by

- RingGroups now use strategies: Ring All (default), Hunt, Memory Hunt

- DID Routes re-written as Inbound Routing. This allows for DID specific fax emails and call answering options.

- Queues can now play a "welcome" message to callers upon joining.

- HINT priorities for FIXED devices

- Interface translated to French, German, Italian, Spanish

- FOP .21

- FOP button layout can now be sorted by last name or extension number

Ryan Courtnage
Director & CTO
Coalescent Systems Inc.