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Friday, September 09, 2005

Announcement: Flash Operator Panel 0.23 released

Dear all,

I'm happy to announce the Flash Operator Panel 0.23 release. FOP is a switchboard type application for the Asterisk PBX. It runs on a web browser with the flash plugin. It is able to display information about your Asterisk box in real time. It is included in AMP, Asterisk@home, etc. You can grab the latest version from

The incomplete list of new features is:

* Internationalization support (thanks to everyone who contributed a language file! If your language is missing, please contribute with the translation. It is a small file, a couple of minutes worth of your time)

* Command line options. You can specify the logdir, pidfile, debug level and much more from the command line.

* The web_hostname parameter is now optional. It eases the installation a lot! All systems that include FOP installation and configuration scripts can now leave the field commented, and the client-server connection will just work(tm). No need to fiddle with ip addresses, hostnames, etc.

* Popups via UserEvent can be restricted to one button/viewer only.

* Added font and shadow color parameters for button labels, text legends, clid and timer.

* Added event_mask parameter to filter unwanted events from the manager

* Improved debian init script. Thanks to Tzafir Cohen.

* It uses a lot less CPU than previous versions on heavy asterisk boxes

* Improved support for parking when using native sip transfers

* Minor bugfixes

* A stupid buglet that I don't know yet about, that will force me to release 0.24 in a short while.

The upgrade instructions are on the tarball UPGRADE file. Remember to upgrade the .swf file and to flush your browser cache!

Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback, patches, ideas and suggestions.

I'm also saving money to attend to Astricon Fall. Please consider a small donation to help me cover the travel expenses. (my deepest thanks to everyone who already donated to the project!)

PS: Just to let you know, I'm playing now with new tools to develop flash clients: swfmill and mtasc. They are great tools, it will ease and make the development faster. But the port is not easy, I will work slowly on that. If you are a flash OOP actionscript fan and want to help, please let me know.

Nicolás Gudino
Buenos Aires - Argentina