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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Announcement: Brand New IPSwitchBoard

A new version of IPSwitchBoard has been released. This came through via the User list.

I am proud to announce that I have just released a brand new IPSwitchBoard totally rewritten from scratch. The new version has been built on the experiences gained by the previous versions.

Download for FREE:

IPSwitchBoard is totally customizable and will give you, among other things:

-Unattended/attended transfers.
-Park calls and retrieve/forward them again.
-Organize all your SIP, IAX extensions (automatically retrieved from Asterisk).
-Monitor all extensions, queues and Parked Calls.
-Dynamically log extensions in and out of queues.
-Set Do Not Disturb on Extensions and give a reason
-Set Call forwarding for extensions
-Set Dual call for extensions
-Monitor multiple calls on an Extension/Queue
-Monitor Extension online status
-Totally customizable
-Make you own skins with logo's etc.
-Make your own buttons - DND, Online, Queue Status, Call Forward, Dual Call, MWI etc.

IPDesigner is a unique tool for customizing and setting up IPSwitchBoard. With IPDesigner you can design your own IPSwitchBoard with Company logo and all the buttons you need for the Operator.

IPSwitchBoard works with .IPS files. These files contain everything needed for IPSwitchBoard such as bitmaps, server and extension configuration. You can build .IPS files with IPDesigner.When you have installed IPSwitchBoard you can start IPSwitchBoard by double clicking an .IPS file. If you right click an .IPS file you will have the options:

Open - will open the file in IPSwitchBoard
Edit - will open the file in IPDesigner
Configure - will start the configuration program where you can edit the server configuration.
Extract Bitmaps - will extract any bitmaps there's embedded in the .IPS file.