Asterisk VoIP News

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Announce: chan_capi-cm-0.6 released

"Hi all,

it took a while, but on I added the new release 0.6 of
chan_capi-cm driver.

Note: dial string and capi.conf has changed.

Version 0.6 Changes Are:

- added 'relaxdtmf'.
- more BSD compatibility
- correct PROGRESS handling
- added verbose text for capi info/reason error messages.
- use correct facility-selector for echo-cancel
- added application capicommand() for CAPI based applications
(removed standalone applications)
- capicommand(RETRIEVE) can now be called from other channels
- support ISDN hold (holdtype in capi.conf)
- added HOLD/RETRIEVE for Asterisk indications.
- added custom function VANITYNUMBER to convert letters into digits.
- added CAPI Line Interconnect (native bridging)
- use variable CONNECTEDNUMBER on Answer().
- set variable REDIRECTINGNUMBER on incomming call if it was diverted.
- removed obsolete thread mutex
- fixed dnid/exten/immediate handling on PtP.
- receive a fax via CAPI is now done with capicommand(receivefax|...) and added stationid...
- added config option 'immediate' to start pbx if no dnid has been received yet.
- support 'type of number' (numbering-plan).
- U-Law setting is now done in capi.conf instead of Makefile define.
- on hangup, use hangupcause from other channel or from var PRI_CAUSE.
- capi.conf structure changes: one own section for each interface, no global 'interfaces' any more. Section name will be interface name.
- dial string changed: parameters like 'b' not as part of number any more.
- send alert on alerting only (busy() and congestion() work now).
- better overlap sending (new parameter 'o' for dialstring to send only the first two digits with CONNECT_REQ only, the remaining digits and even digits following the dial() command, will be send as INFO_REQ/Overlap).

Have fun