Asterisk VoIP News

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Announce: AstManProxy Version 1.12 Released

Hey folks --

I've released a new version 1.12, and there are a couple of developments to report.

I was contacted by Ron Arts with a patch to properly support the old/bad long-line and CLI output from Asterisk. I have applied his patch and tested it, and it seems to work well. Kudos to Ron for this important update!

Second, Nicolas Gudino, author of the Flash Operator Panel, contacted me about a couple of tweeks we needed to make to better support FOP. I took him up on his suggestions, combined with Ron's patch that better supports the CLI output, AstManProxy now works great with FOP! Nicolas is also adding support for talking to multiple servers using FOP/AstManProxy, so soon FOP can be used with a single instance of the proxy for controlling multiple Asterisk servers. That is some powerful stuff!

Last, I made a few other tweaks and changes. Please try out 1.12, especially with stuff that didn't work before, and report your results. I think this is a significant upgrade and should provide fully transparent compatibility.

Download v1.12 Here