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Monday, August 29, 2005

Web-MeetMe v1.3.3 Released

This came through on the Asterisk User list today.

Work intrudes again and I will not be able to get to modifying the db and gui
to support per-conference flags as soon as I expected. So I have released an update with what I do have available.


1. Schedule new conferences
a. Control start and end times
b. Set conference pin #
i. Generate one if the requester leaves it blank
ii. Identify pin # conflicts (another conference with the same pin is scheduled at the same time)
c. Set Admin and User passwords
i. Generate a user password if an Admin pw is set but the User pw is blank
2. Email the details for a successfully scheduled conference
3. Separate views for Current, Past and Future conferences
4. Ability to modify the end time of a running conference
a. Can also reschedule a past or future conference.
5. Monitor realtime conference activity
a. Mute/Kick participants
6. Optional authentication
a. Currently Active Directory or LDAP based
b. Authentication is abstracted so unix/PAM/DB/RADIUS support could be easily added (but outside of my interest to do so (patches welcome))
7. Users can only monitor, update or delete their conferences
8. Verified administrators can monitor, update or delete any
9. Updated to CVS-Head (a couple weeks ago, will target 1.2 soon)
a. Changes to the Manager interface may have caused support for 1.0.X to slip, I cannot test that)

There is one functional issue to be addressed, and that is that MeetMe tracks conference participants by channel. From a conference management perspective it makes more sense to track the participant by caller-id. I have a patch for 1.0.X on my site, but have not polished one for CVS-Head or the 1.2.0beta release.

Thanks and enjoy,