Asterisk VoIP News

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ollie needs YOUR help: Test CVS HEAD Voicemail ODBC Storage

As we are getting closer to release of CVS head as version 1.2, we're in need of your help.

One of the cool new features in CVS head is the ability to store the actual voicemail messages in a database. This is not using ARA, the Asterisk Realtime Architecture, but directly interfaces with ODBC from app_voicemail. It stores both meta data and audio in the database, which will give you real scalability if you have the voicemail accounts in realtime as well - you can propably have many servers handling the same voicemail accounts without bothering with NFS file locking and such problems.

We need extensive testing of this new feature to make sure it's ready for release!

There's also a patch in the bug tracker that extends this functionality a bit that needs testing and confirmation. Please check for a patch that adds information to the stored message.

Thank you for helping us testing CVS head and finding bugs before we release this new exciting version of Asterisk!