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Sunday, July 03, 2005

new chan_sccp release

Sergio Chersovani has posted details of the latest chan_sccp release: (you can find a mailing list here and a bug tracker)

20050701 chan_sccp.20050701.tar.gz

I did rework the original chan_sccp. Asterisk cisco phones channel driver.

-fixed all the issues, added localized softkeys and display messages (the phone load XML localized strings from the tftp server).

-complete rewrite of the call flow.

-cleaned the console. Now you can use sccp debug to set the debug level from 0 to 10 (verbose)

-added new directives (incominglimit, tos and rtptos, digittimeout, firstdigittimeout and more. I need to modify the config file)

-added support for callwaiting

-no need to edit the makefile. It does discover the asterisk version. You just need to extract and make install.

-new locking system

more and more :-)
I will work on it to add native transfer/blind transfer and call forward capabilities

Please test it.

Sergio Chersovani