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Monday, July 04, 2005

New Astmanproxy 1.1 now available

Hey there folks --

I have been continuing development on the multi-threaded, c-based Asterisk
Manager Proxy program, AstManProxy.

I've incorporated several ideas I received at the recent Astricon Europe,

- Supports proxying of multiple Asterisk servers at once
- Abstracted, modular I/O handlers (implemented as shared objects)
- Existing handlers: XML, Standard, CSV, HTTP

One really cool feature that I'd like feedback and testing on is HTTP
support. With this, you can POST or GET HTTP to the proxy and receive XML
back, thus allowing a very simple (REST-like) web interface to the
Asterisk Manager.

Please download astmanproxy 1.1 and try it out:

We are also putting together an 'astmanproxy' mailing list. If you would
like to join, please e-mail me and I will include your name in the initial
mailing list.

Thanks, and for you fellow yanks out there, have a great holiday!


David C. Troy
popvox, LLC
Phone: +1-410-647-5812