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Saturday, July 16, 2005

InfoWeek Article on VoIP

Micheal from the Asterisk Users List posted this nice little article from InfoWeek about VoIP. Thanks Mike keep up the good work. Here is the post:

"InfoWeek VoIP Article

The bottom line is that they compare retail VoIP providers like Comcast Cable, Time-Warner Cable, AT&T, Vonage, Packet8 et al. Their methodology seems sound. Their conclusion is that retail VoIP services don't yet match the PSTN for reliability & call quality.

It is interesting that all of these retail providers use ATA type devices. I wonder how some of the stronger true ITSPs like Level3 or even Nufone, VoIPJet, etc would fare, especially with an all digital hard IP phones.

My own sense is that my IP base calls are cleaner than my SBC lines. I accept that they're less reliable, but much of that I attribute to the fact that I'm no Linux guru and I use a retail DSL line as my IP access.

Michael Graves

Michael Graves
Sr. Product Specialist
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