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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Digium Second Generation Firmware for T1/E1/J1 Cards

Digium has posted details of an improved firmware for their PRI cards.


Digium cards are now smarter! Digium is proud to announce second-generation firmware for Digium multispan TE-series hardware PCI cards. This firmware provides several new features. These features allow Digium cards to do more work in hardware and leaving the server's CPU open to do other tasks, all of which contribute to less CPU overhead, and therefore improved performance, and more channels running through a single PC or server.


This is a 67% increase over previous benchmarks

Improvements in the firmware include:

-TDM channel alignment now done in hardware (instead of software), for greater voice integrity and reliability.
-Master clock source distribution for synchronized timing across multiple cards, assuring synchronization of clocks and increasing reliability and quality of data transmission.
-Zero-latency TDM direct hardware-level cross-connect
-Supports new echo-cancellation module which further increases performance.
-DTMF detection can be done in hardware with echo cancellation module.
-Field upgradable firmware for future updates.