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Friday, July 01, 2005

A Day in the Life: How to setup a Cisco 7960G with SIP

Tracy has put up a blog entry on setting up a Cisco 7960G with SIP.


Man, I had a beast of a time setting up a Cisco 7960G to use a SIP image instead of the default SCCP image that came installed on it.

I purchased the 7960G from about a week ago, and just got time to mess around with it yesterday. Surprisingly the system comes with zero documentation, either hardcopy or a pdf on a CD. Zip, nil, notta, nothing… not even a CD period.

I skimmed through some "how-to's" on and got the jist of what needed to be completed before the Cisco 7960G would boot up and connect to the TFTP server and download the new SIP image. It all seemed easy enough from what I had read, after all it isn't rocket science that we were dealing with.