Asterisk VoIP News

Sunday, July 24, 2005

ClueCon in Two Weeks!

ClueCon is coming in 2 weeks so we urge everyone who plans on attending to register today so we get a proper headcount!

ClueCon was put together by Asterlink, the same team of people who helped shape Asterisk into what it is today by writing features, fixing bugs, offering IRC support and assisting with the management of the development effort. We have produced several real-world solutions based on Asterisk and to top it off, we have invited many of the greatest names in VoIP to attend and share their experiences with

* Mark Spencer - President of Digium
* Kristian Kielhofner - AstLinux
* Craig Southeren - co-author of OpenH323
* David Sugar - Lead developer of Bayonne
To name a few (there are many more).

We have done extensive research and development and had success in enterprise deployment, configuration and clustering of Asterisk. We don't just daydream about it we actually have it in production and send back our changes to the Asterisk CVS.

In addition, Asterlink has donated may resources to the community such as:

* The Infamous 996 Audio Conference
* The Digium CVS mirror
* and all it's free asterisk add-on's
* The forum

Asterlink developers have produced a great deal of technology that we hope to offer as a service in the near future:

* Speech Recognition IVR Input
* IMAP Based Voicemail
* The app_confcall software that powers the 996 conference.

We have produced 2 embedded language modules that are freely available:

* res_perl - Embedding Perl into Asterisk
* res_js - Embedding JavaScript into Asterisk

All of this for the modest cost of $350.00. You could learn enough the first day to justify the price and then you get 2 more days on top of that!