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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Asterisk bounty: Email TTS - $150.00

I pulled this off the User list. Let see if one of our readers and enjoy wealth and fame for solving this problem. If you answer this from seeing the post here, email me so I can post an update.


(forgive the brief interruption to -users with a mostly -dev issue, just
wanted to publicize this on behalf of the larger community)

If there are any ambitious coders out there (not too many shekels yet,
but I expect some folks may pony-up) please see:

We are at $150 & counting.

Maybe lobby your exec's for $50 to contribute to this, you know how
those exec' types dig stuff like this, imagine the CFO using this from
his Treo650.


Jason Sjobeck
ICQ 5579183