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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Asterisk 1.2 is getting closer - please help

Dear Asterisk Community,

Asterisk 1.0 was released at Astricon 2004, in September last year. It's been almost a year and we haven't been able to go ahead and release a new version. Now is the time to try to move forward again.

As we've outlined before, the process is this:
* Code freeze: At this point, we'll stop accepting new additions (new functions) to the source code. Bug fixes are more than welcome, but additions will be postponed until after release and added to the 1.3dev source code base (the new HEAD).

* Release candidate: A release candidate will be produced as a tar.gz file on the FTP site.

* Release of 1.2: The new release version of Asterisk, that replaces Asterisk 1.0

* Release of 1.2.1: The working version :-) of the new version of Asterisk


So why 1.2.1? Well, the common feeling among developers is that "No one really tests anything until we release, so we will receive bug reports from the hour we release 1.2.0". Let's try to prove that they are wrong!

What can you do to help this process?
* Set up a test system, and test CVS head in something that resembles your production environment. Scripts, phone, dialplan - make sure you use as many of the features as you can and use in production to make sure they work as expected in version 1.2

* Go wild and test at least two of the new features in 1.2 just for fun and make sure they work as documented. Or document how they work if it's not documented. Test the new realtime architecture, voicemail ODBC storage, AEL - the new scripting language, the new dialplan templates and constructs, the #exec config directive, attended transfers, native music on hold... The list is long.

* If you have reported bugs or filed patches in the bugtracker (, make sure you reply quickly when a bug marshal or developer ask you questions or require more information. At this point, we're working very hard to clear out outstanding bugs and stabilize the additions that is waiting for inclusion in the CVS. We will close reports that we can't move forward if we do not get any responses. We can re-open later, but need to move forward. If we have a report of a proven bug that needs fixing, those will not be closed. Only unclear reports with no responses will be closed.

* Visit the bug tracker at and help us test patches. Postitive and negative reports are both equally needed. There's no way a small team of core developers and bug marshals can test everything in there now. We need to decide which patches that are ready for inclusion, that are tested and documented.

* If you find that we're missing documentation, please add to the readme files, write new ones. The Asterisk documentation team is ready to help you if you need assistance in this effort.

* Disappoint the developers by making sure that the CVS head gets a thorough testing phase now, before release!

* Update the Wiki on the 1.2 version. Make sure that you make it very clear that new features only work in 1.2 and releases after that so you won't confuse readers that use older versions.

* Test Asterisk CVS head on other platforms than Linux: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS/X, Commodore VIC 20 - will it work?

When is 1.2 scheduled to be released?
At usual with Open Source, we release when the software is ready for release. We do not release when it suits the marketing department, when we need a positive stock report or when customers require it.

That said, we now are trying to focus on getting a release out of the door around September 1st. No promises, it all depends on your help and assistance to move forward. Please ask your boss for some time and resources to help the project with testing or dedicate resources within your company to help us. It's Open Source, meaning that everyone works together to make sure we get the software that works for our home, our company or our organization.

Finding information
If you have questions about the developer version, the base for the 1.2 release, use the #asterisk-dev channel on the IRC. If you have questions about bug reports and patches, find a bug marshal in the #asterisk-bugs channel. To find out how to download or connect to the IRC channel, please visit

Thank you for your assistance!