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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Announcement: YAACID (Caller ID for Asterisk)

I grabbed this hot off the email list:

I'm announcing YAACID: Yet Another Asterisk Caller ID v0.9 it's the first public release. we've been using it in our office for a couple of months now.

YAACID is a native Windows (.NET) program that sits in the notification area and logs into the manager interface. it waits for a call to come in on a monitored channel and then pops up the callerid info in a very intuitive interface (like the callerid boxes for normal phones)

It has a number of other features also:

1. Has the ability to play any custom wav sound when a call comes in

2. Has the ability to spawn a web browser and when a call comes
in, and it can pass any of the following variables to a given web


YAACID can be configured to have the following url:$CALLERID&name=$CALLERIDNAME&id=$UNIQUEID

if a call comes in from: 716-852-5872, it will spawn a
browser and go to:

3. YAACID can hold up to 50 calls in its Call ID History.

Feel free to download it and take a look: