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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Second Half of Kevin's Presentation

-Extreme code review has begun

There are now various people assigned to parts such as commenting, clean code etc

Coding Guidelines:
Can be found in /usr/src/asterisk/doc/CODING-GUIDELINES

If you are changing a module and see that some things are not complying with the guidelines, please submit a patch which ONLY contains the fixes for guidelines first

-Code is generally formatted in same way as the Linux Kernel

-Do not add comments that do not provide direct value (I.E. look at this cool thing I did!)

-Do add comments for things that are not obvious

-Code should have functions that are as short as possible (app_voicemail3 could be written if you like)

-Make liberal use of the operators, statements and block types that C offers

-Function Modules can be named anything you like except they cannot start with 'ast_'

-Functions that are intended to become part of the API should be started with 'ast_' and the prototype MUST be added to the relevant header file in include/asterisk

-Global variables in modules should be named with the 'global_' prefix

-Others should be descriptively named

-Variables exposed outside the module (which should be kept to a minimum) must be named with the 'ast_' prefix

-Remember that Asterisk works on at least 4 operating systems and multiple CPU architectures. Changes should not be platform or CPU specific

-Do not use obscure language, library of system features just for the sake of using them. If it increases performance or maintainability benefit can be demonstrated.

-Document your code so that it can be used with doxygen

-Modules that use a new config file should include a sample config file

-Use IRC, Mailing Lists (Asterisk-Dev, Asterisk-CVS) and the Bug Tracker

-The future may include: Changes to The Asterisk Object Model, Asychronous Event System (for internal modules, in a similar way to the Asterisk Manager Interface works)

-Things in the source will be changing rapidly.

-ALWAYS check #asterisk-bugs (on first before submitting a bug to be sure that the bug report is all correctly filled out.

-People should watch the bugtracker to see when they can help with testing. Also, please post your comments. This will really increase the speed with which fixes are applied

-IAXTel is back up (and has around 10,000 users registered, with 1000-1500 at any given time. It is an average PC with a single processor

Support Zoa's work for increasing the capacity of Asterisk