Asterisk VoIP News

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

OrderlyQ released

Orderly Software announces its new call queuing system, OrderlyQ:

OrderlyQ deploys automatically whenever there are too many incoming calls to handle. Instead of waiting on-hold, or hearing the engaged tone, your callers can choose to stay on hold, or call back in, say, seven minutes, when they will be at the front of the queue. It couldn't be simpler, and:
Your callers will be grateful that their time, and money, is not being wasted any more.

You'll save money on your telecoms costs

You can cope with spikes in demand with less agents, if you want to.
The system can even Text callers to tell them when they reach the front of the queue.

OrderlyQ is implemented as a bolt-on for Asterisk (TM) queues using the Asterisk Manager API and Asterisk FastAGI protocols, and is built on OrderlyCalls, the forthcoming Open Source Asterisk CTI application server, also from Orderly Software.

OrderlyQ works with any existing Asterisk queue, and can also protect any other VOIP and PSTN PBX or phones, and provide its own queue service where none exists.

To experience OrderlyQ, please call the demonstration hotline on +44 845 004 5412, and for more information about our patent-pending system, please take a look at