Asterisk VoIP News

Friday, June 17, 2005

Nicolas Gudino: Flash Operator Panel

Nicolas has completed his presentation of the Flash Operator Panel. He discussed the following topics:

What is the FOP? It displays information on your Asterisk PBX activity in real-time
You can also perform actions against Asterisk. You can monitor multiple Asterisk servers at the same time. You can have background images etc.

Monitoring capabilities

Extension status (busy, ringing, available)
See who is talking, to whom and for how long (CLID, Dialed No, Timer)
Meetme room status (number of participants)
Queue Status (users waiting) and statistics
Message waiting indicator and count
Parked Channels
Logged in agents (changing led colour or renaming the button label)
It can monitor almost every channel type; SIP, IAX2, ZAP, MGCP, CAPI, MODEM/I4L, H323, OH323, VPB, etc.

Available actions

Hangup a call by double clicking on the oval Led
Transfer a call via drag & drop
Originate a call
Barge in on a call
Set the callerid before transferring a call
Set the absolute timeout
Mute/Unmute meetme participants

Integrating with Web Based apps

You can embed the FOP into any webpage
FOP can fire screen popups on state ringing channels or directly from your dialplan
FOP can be use to add click to dial
FOP provides a link between Asterisk and Web

FOP Architechture

Client - Proxy server model

Smart perl server and proxy that connects to multiple asterisk servers
Dumb flash client
There is a windows client in the works

Why client/proxy server model?

To not burden the PBX with a lot of connections
Easier to add features and do prototyping without patching asterisk
Flash is slow, so work is done in perl
Proxy can run on another machine

FOP Future

Implement user authentication
Let the FOP send scriptable commands to the Asterisk Manager
Improve queues and agent features for call centers
JOP (a java client maybe)