Asterisk VoIP News

Friday, June 24, 2005

A new way to H323!

Anthony Minessale has released a new Asterisk channel driver for the open source Woomera protocol on PBX Freeware   Woomera was designed to abstract the woes of managing various VoIP protocols from the PBX.

This excerpt was taken from the chan_woomera homepage:


The Woomera protocol, designed by Craig Southeren of OpenH323 fame, makes it possible to put your voice over IP system in one server/process and your PBX in another and connect them with a simple raw-linear-over-udp protocol. chan_woomera is an asterisk channel driver designed to interface the Asterisk PBX with Woomera. Currently this code is working but considered beta. Woomera currently only supports H323 but it should soon support the OPAL VoIP abstraction layer which will allow it to speak many other protocols. The number of protocols supported by the Woomera server is irrelevant to chan_woomera which will support anything Woomera supports because of its thin-client-like design.