Asterisk VoIP News

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More ClueCon More Fun

ClueCon - is an Open Source Telephony Expo and Developer's Conference geared towards open source Telephony enthusiasts and developers around the world. There will be a full schedule of expert speakers as well as many presentations and booths from various telephony related businesses. ClueCon will offer a great deal of information covering all aspects of Voice Over IP development from core programming to logistical implementation to proper software and hardware selection. ClueCon has invited many of the leaders in the Voice over IP industry as sponsors and attendees and it will prove to be an enriching and valuable resource to any Voice Over IP related business. We also have a board room reserved where crucial decisions will be made that will determine the very near future of Internet Telephony so reserve a spot now.

Asterisk Community Encouraged To Attend

Many members of the Asterisk community have already arranged to come to ClueCon as either a speaker or an attendee. We have verbal confirmation from the author of Asterisk himself, Mark Spencer. Also a few members of the Digium staff are expected to attend. The Asterisk community has a great deal to benifit from attending as many of the core contributors to this conference have made a great deal of changes to the Asterisk codebase including:

Anthony Minessale II (anthm)

Brian K West (bkw)

Josh Colp (file)