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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gizmo: Skype done right?

This has been submitted as a Slashdot story.
I have absolutely no connection with any of the principals. This could have a major impact on the Asterisk community, and VoIP usage in general.

Michael Robertson, of fame, has been battling for open standards in the IP telephony world, in addition to his better-known Lindows (now Linspire, at venture to promote Linux on the desktop. His VoIP operation works great for me, but Michael has been long concerned about the totally closed and proprietary nature of Skype (as well as a lot of the misleading hype surrounding it).

Today his crew released "Gizmo" (at " (a tentative
name until a better one is found) which has the main benefits of Skype, PLUS it is layered upon SIP, DUNDI, and the existing infrastructure, meaning it is fully interconnectable to the world by obvious and nonobvious techniques, Asterisk being on the top of the obvious charts... This is certainly what I've been waiting for, being totally cheesed by the smarminess of Skype and its founders. "Open Standards" is one of the most abused concepts this side of Lake Washington, but this comes pretty damn close!