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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Georges Karam: Asterisk Call Center Strategies

Georges Karam is discussing contact centres using Asterisk:

Why an IP Call Center:

Dramatically lower call center operating costs
Wider Deployment of CTI Applications
Improved agent productivity
Phone email and web on the same platform
Single point of administration
Contact routing to any agent anywhere
Lower cost of expansion

Asterisk call center solutions:

has caused other companies to reevaluate their strategies. Asterisk has become the catalyst for small and mid sized call centers. Telephony in a call centre is not enigmatic anymore.

Advantages of using an Asterisk based call centre solution:

Open Source == free
Lower cost for call center
Lower cost for hardware
Facilitate the implementation of a virtual call center
Large community contributing fixes and features

Aheeva CCS (an Asterisk based contact center solution):

Integrated solution
Fast deployment
Scalable and Distributed
Centalized management
Full audio and video recording

One of their customers saved more than $500,000 in set up costs for a 400 seat call center.


Call centers can benefit extensively from an Asterisk Based Solution through lower cost, increased agent productivity.