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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Astlinux-users: OT: Asterisk and Mambo - help wanted

Kris needs someone to give him a hand with maboifying the AstLinux website:

Hello everyone,

So, this isn't exactly what it seems. I am not looking to integrate Asterisk and Mambo. I am the maintainer/creator of AstLinux, and I have recently decided that I should really have a better web site for it. I would like to use Mambo so that I can do updates easily, from anywhere, without having to waste time learning PHP/HTML/etc. Mambo CMS seems the best and most powerful way to do this. It's not that easy, however, to go from the default Mambo site to a site suitable for an open source project such as AstLinux. I just need some help to get a layout, theme, etc. going. Updates and maintenance I can handle (probably).

So, what I am looking for is someone who is familiar with Mambo (and preferably Asterisk, too) and would be willing to help me jump start Because AstLinux is an open source project, I will be unable to directly compensate anyone (monetarily) for their work at this time. However, any people that help out are more than welcome to plug their own projects, companies, names, etc. on the site (within reason).

Interested? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Drop me a line.


Kristian Kielhofner