Asterisk VoIP News

Friday, June 24, 2005

astGUIclient version released 1.1.4


We've released another update to our Asterisk GUI Client suite: 1.1.4

The client suite runs on Windows, UNIX and Mac, includes the VICIDIAL
auto-dialer and is free as in GPL.
(the suite is not an asterisk configuration tool)
This package is geared towards Asterisk installations with SIP,IAX or Zap
phones and Zaptel, IAX or SIP trunks.

For this revision, in addition to adapting the code to the 'Local/' channel
changes made in Asterisk release 1.0.8 and CVS_HEAD, we have added the
ability to use SIP trunks for outbound and inbound lines to the package, as
well as adding an autodial IVR survey example script to VICIDIAL.

We have also created a graph showing possible hardware configurations for
systems running astGUIclient to better understand where astGUIclient fits
in and what it needs to run:

Let me know what you think.