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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Asterisk/ZeroConf at Apple WWDC


Stuart Cheshire (, Apple's Bonjour/ Zeroconf czar has expressed interest in making Asterisk+Zeroconf part of his on stage presentation on Bonjour this coming week at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference aka WWDC.

According to the official schedule at Apple's website the Bonjour presentation is on Tuesday. As this is all pretty short notice, it will be difficult to get an IP phone to Stuart in time for his presentation. Considering that this is a great opportunity to spread the word about Asterisk on the Mac to the wider Mac developer community we don't want to give up just yet.

So, we would like to know from people in the San Francisco Bay area or going there on Monday to attend WWDC and who could lend an IP phone to Stuart for the presentation on Tuesday.

As for the presentation itself, the plan is this ...

Simon Taylor has written a small sample application intended to show Mac developers how to incorporate Zeroconf into their apps and make use of the services Asterisk is advertising through our Zeroconf module. The application is a very simple desktop dialer that uses the remote dial service advertised by Asterisk.

Using this application, it is possible to make Asterisk (running on another Mac) dial a number looked up from the OSX Addressbook and then have that call be connected to any IP phone connected to the Asterisk server. Since the dialer is Zeroconf aware, it can discover the Asterisk server's remote dial service and no configuration is required, other than choosing an Asterisk server from a pop up menu. This would be interesting enough to show given that there is no IP phone with firmware that supports Zeroconf as yet.

Also, Alex Karahalios has added a new service "astcli" to SitePlayer ( that is advertised when Asterisk is running on the system SitePlayer is hooked up to. Connecting to the service will automatically take the user to the Asterisk CLI. Since SitePlayer connects to a serial port on an Xserve, this means an Asterisk administrator can still manage Asterisk even if the network is down. Of course this can already be done using a telnet or ssh service but it makes the life of an administrator a little easier this way.

Anyway, if anybody can help us out with this, please get in touch, thanks.

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