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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Anthm nears 200 points!

Anthony Minsssale, CTO and Implementer of Asterlink, producer of ClueCon and notable Asterisk developer is set to cross the 200 karma point boundary on the Asterisk Bug Tracker this week. Earlier last year Minessale was the first to break the 100 karma point barrier by a sizeable margin but this time fell 3 points shy. When asked, Anthony commented: .I was kind of disappointed just in a fun kind of way. had enough pending issues open on the tracker to get there for a few weeks now but I.m sure I.ll make it soon since I have a bug open that fixes a fatal error in the CDR code =D.

A list of all of Anthony's creations for Asterisk are available at:

Good Work Anthm!

*Golf Clap*