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Sunday, May 29, 2005

xc-ast version 0.9.0 is out

Hello list,
I am glad to announce that XC-AST version 0.9.0 is out today.

New functionalities include:

* Though not yet available to the end user, this release inclued the basis of the Outbounds Call Manager that will be released for 1.0. If you update from a previous version, have a look at the UPDATING.txt to understand how to upgrade your database schema.
* The realtime visualization now shows only calls within a given toime frame. This is becaise sometimes Asterisk does not write complete information for a call, and such" orphan calls" used to hang forever as open calls.
It is now possible to configure the SLA for your site, defining the maximum observation period and the interval.
* Due to popular demand, an explicit "delta" from period to period was added.
* It is now possible to see waiting periods and call durations in real-time (as long as your system clock is the same or is synchronized to the Asterisk clock; in any other case you will not see relevant iformation and should turn off this feature).
* Fixed a bug with the English pages where a percentage was showed with the Italian locale
* Assorted minor bugfixes

As always, the product is available free (as in beer) to smaller installations and * enthusiasts around the world to use and hack.

Future plans include:

* Outbound calls management (most of the code is already present in v0.9 but there are quite a few quirks yet)
* Standalone application (so you won't need to install a servlet container just to test XC-AST)

XC-AST can be downloaded at

As always, any comment is appreciated.