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Saturday, May 21, 2005

IPSwitchBoard now supports CAPI

Thorben Jensen has posted details of the lastest release of IPSwitchBoard:

Version 0.117 - 21. may 2005

* CAPI support has now been added to IPS
* Save all you speed dial number in the asterisk server and retrieve them from any other intance of IPS. This way you can easily share all your speed dial numbers between all users of IPS.
* All speed dial number can be saved with the family "cidname" - use this to set Caller ID on incoming call in your dial plan.
* Many bug fixes

FREE download from:

IPSwitchBoard is an Operators Panel for the Asterisk PBX.
IPS is an Windows.NET application which gives you:

* Unattended/attended transfers.
* Park calls and retrieve/forward them again.
* Organize all your SIP, IAX, CAPI and Zap extensions (automatically retrieved from Asterisk).
* Hotel/Call shop Billing module
* Monitor all extensions, queues, agents and Parked Calls.
* Dynamically log extensions in and out of queues.
* Integration with CRM software on the web.
* Browse Call Records and make Charts.
* Record calls and transfer wav files to the PC automatically.
* Set Do Not Disturb on Extensions and give a reason.
* Speed Dialing. Speed dial number can be shared from the server.