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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Digium and IPsando announces agenda for Astricon Europe - register now!

Notes about the upcoming Astricon. Hope to see you there!

The agenda for Astricon Europe in Madrid June 15-17 is now coming together. It will be an international conference, with speakers from both USA and Europe. Last year, we had over 25 nationalities participating in the first Astricon - the Astricon where Mark released Asterisk 1.0 on the conference floor, during his keynote! Many active members of the Asterisk community talks at the conference, one that will be another milestone in Asterisk history.

Find the information you need to register on and register today! Some additional information, a mini-FAQ:
Hotel registrations is handled by our registration systems

You can register for dCAP testing in the registration system. We will contact you later for the time and day for the dCAP - that will be planned when we know the number of participants, since dCAP requires a lot of equipment.

There is still openings for tutorials. Send proposals to me.

There are still sponsorship oppurtunities.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on

See you in lovely Madrid!

Best regards,
/Olle and Steve

Among the speakers:

-Keynote by Mark Spencer, Digium
-Ed Guy, Pulver: The architecture for FWDout
-Paul Mahler, Signate: Scaling Asterisk
-Nicolas Guidino: The Flash Operator Panel (FOP)
-Izzy Gal, Xorcom: Threats and Opportunities for PBX - Manufacturers and Telephony VARs in the Age of Asterisk
-Rickard Lander: Implementing Voice over Wireless Mesh
-Kristian Kielhofner: Introduction to ASTLinux
-Nicholas Barnes: Selling Asterisk
-Serge Kruppa, Virtual Contact center based on Asterisk
-Femi Monehim: Using Asterisk for a carrier in Nigeria
-Caleb Kow: Internationalization of Asterisk
-David Troy: Developing Real Time Web-Telephony Applications with Asterisk
-Nicholas Barnes: Selling Asterisk solutions

-Matt Fredrickson, Digium: The Zaptel and LibPRI architecture: An Overview
-Matt Nicholsson, Digium: Extending Asterisk: The AMI and the AGI
-Serge Kruppa: Building a carrier class hosted contact center platform with Asterisk
-James Jones, Signate: Res_Perl: Perl embedded in your Asterisk!
-Kindy Conley: The basics of telephony billing
-Olle E. Johansson: Adventures with Asterisk and SIP
-Keving P. Fleming, Digium: So you want to be an Asterisk developer?
-ManxPower, Eric Wieling
-Joachim (Zoa) Vanheuverzwijn: Asterisk security
-Sergio Serrarno, Avanzada 7: Introduction to Asterisk (in spanish)
-Matt Riddell, SineApps: Using C# to Interface Windows Applications to Asterisk