Asterisk VoIP News

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dev: Remote Voicemail Server Indication patch on Mantis

Chris A. Icide has posted details of a Voicemail patch on the mantis:

There is a patch on Mantis which includes several features.

1. Support for central voicemail server(s) with remote server notification via IAX

In other words, this patch allows you to configure an Asterisk server as a central voicemail server and to send out voicemail notification to remote Asterisk servers who can then pass the notification on to local clients.

2. Diaplan command to update voicemail pointers

The patch includes a dialplan command (ChangeMailbox) which allows you to change both the central voicemail server as well as the remote clients mailbox pointers. In other words, you can add/move 'mailbox=' fields via the dialplan.

3. Entry into dial plan upon device registration or loss of registration

This function allows you to configure a dialplan context in which SIP or IAX devises will activate a dialplan thread allowing you to execute any non-audio stream dependant dialplan command(s). An example might be identifying the location of the registration and using the changemailbox command to direct the correct voicemail indication to the registering device.

We need community support if we want to get this added to asterisk. Please take a gander. I also have a patch against CVS head 05-02-2005 if you want to test against CVS HEAD prior to all the function changes. Configuration information included in the comments of the patch.