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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dev: Looking for Zaptel Developers


the OSX Zaptel team at is looking for a Zaptel developer to join the project and work on a Darwin driver for the Digium TDM400 card.

Digium has offered to provide a card and a Mac user in Germany has offered to donate a G3 Powermac (tower model with PCI slots). It's got a disfunct power supply but that can easily be replaced with an ATX PSU.

Anybody interested in this please contact mac-hw-exchange (at) Anybody who's already got a Mac and wants to join the OSX Zaptel team, please contact zaptel (at) More info is on the site at

One more thing ... the OSX Zaptel guys tell me that it's also possible to write drivers for OSX working on a PC running Darwin x86. It'll have to be tested on PPC just to be sure though. The Darwin install CD can be dowloaded from