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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

AstMasters: Call for Mac Computers

The AstMasters site is asking for old Mac computers to give to developers who would like to work on OSX parts of Asterisk.


The Astmasters Mac Hardware Exchange
Donated Macs and PPC Motherboards for Asterisk Developers

All over the world, people throw away computers they don't use anymore. With the release of MacOS X 10.4 "Tiger", many G3 Macs are being replaced by G4 and G5 models because their owners want to take advantage of new graphics capabilities built into Tiger.

For Voice over IP applications, graphics capabilities are of very little concern and those old G3 Macs could still be used as Asterisk servers or for Asterisk development. The Macintosh Asterisk community needs more developers. Most of the Asterisk development is done for Linux on x86 hardware but there are Asterisk developers who are interested in MacOS X.

So, why not donate that old Mac or its motherboard to an Asterisk developer who will use it to make sure his or her Asterisk add-ons and utilities will work properly on MacOS X?!