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Monday, March 21, 2005

IPSwitchBoard-BETA Update

Source: By Thorben via SineApps

Thorben has posted details of his latest release of IPSwitchBoard:

Release 0.66 of IPSwitchBoard is now available for FREE download at: IPSwitchboard BETA

Support for Call Parking and retrieve/forward them again.

Last Call on the Queues Page now displays a date-time in human readable format.

Added CallerID on the Queue Members listing on the Queue page.

New page with Agent information.

Minor bug fixes.

IPSwitchBoard is a FREE Windows.Net application that will allow you to do:
Unattended/attended transfers

Park calls and retrieve/forward them again

Organize all your extensions (automatically retreived from Asterisk)

Monitor all extensions

Monitor all queues

Monitor Agents

Monitor Parked Calls

Log extensions in and out of dynamic queues

Speed Dialling

Shared Speed Dial files among all users of IPSwitchBoard

User selectable ring tones for IPSwitchBoard

User selectable button colors