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Monday, February 07, 2005

Astricon Training

Asterisk Training

Asteriskā„¢, the Open Source PBX, is taking the world by storm. Asterisk makes a complete business- or carrier-class PBX out of an ordinary Linux computer, integrating with the telephony network as well as the new world of voice over IP and Internet.
However, Asterisk is not easy to learn or administer. This five-day training class will give you the knowledge and insights you need to get up to speed with your Asterisk implementation and make it production ready in no time.

dCAP - Asterisk Certification by Digium!

In addition to the new training, we are also launching a certification programme for Asterisk. The new Asterisk certification is named dCAP, Digium Certified Asterisk Professional. To get the certification, one has to go through a 150 question exam as well as a practical exam, where the student builds and configures a PBX. The certification will be given by the Astricon team under license from Digium

Introduction to Asterisk

The "Introduction to Asterisk" training class starts with installation and covers the most common features in Asterisk: Integration with the PSTN, the IAX2 and SIP channels for VoIP telephony and how to build a dial plan with applications like follow-me, voicemail, conferencing and call queues.

Teachers are Steven M. Sokol and Olle E. Johansson, the founders of the Astricon conference and active Asterisk developers and integrators.

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