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Saturday, January 29, 2005

iaxComm version 1.0 released


Michael Van Donselaar has posted details of the latest version of iaxComm:

iaxComm is an Open Source softphone for the Asterisk PBX.

iaxComm compiles and runs on Win32, Linux and Mac OS X (Panther) systems.

Recent Changes:
Improved jitterbuffer code

Steve Underwood's Packet Loss Concealment Code
Features Include:
iLBC support

-GSM support

-speex support

-ulaw and alaw support

-Blind Transfer.

-Custom Ringtones per CallerID

-Speakerphone mode.

-Register with multiple servers (ie enterprise server and iaxtel).

-Multiple call appearances.

-User selectable audio devices.

-User defined ringtones.

Autoanswer intercom calls (with password protection).
iaxcomm-lin-1.0rc1.tar NIST report urges caution with VoIP security
Thu, 27 Jan 2005 17:05:25 -0500
Olle's site has posted a link to an article on VoIP security.


The world is slowly understanding the security issues with Voice over IP. Computerworld reports:

The 99-page NIST report, "Security Considerations for Voice over IP Systems," includes nine recommendations for IT managers to help them implement VoIP in a secure manner. "Lower cost and greater flexibility are among the promises of VoIP for the enterprise, but VoIP should not be installed without careful consideration of the security problems introduced," the report says.

*-biz: Astricon Training News: Stockholm, San Jose and Portland
Thu, 27 Jan 2005 16:49:17 -0500
Olle has posted details of the latest round of Asterisk Training/dCAP certification to the Asterisk-Biz list:

Introducing: Meet Asterisk - a one day training

"Meet Asterisk" is a one day training for IT and Telephony managers and engineers that wants to get a quick overview of the features and benefits of Asterisk - the leading Open Source PBX for Linux. This class takes you through Asterisk in a business environment, gives you an introduction to the Asterisk project and how to install and configure Asterisk.

The first "Meet Asterisk" will be held in San Jose Friday March 11th.
Find out more at this URL
Astricon Training: Introduction to Asterisk 5-day bootcamp

Last week we completed the first Astricon Training class, a five-day "Introduction to Asterisk". As usual the first time you run a class, students help you form and change the class so we know have a new release of this class that we are going to run on these two occasions in Europe and in the USA:

Stockholm, Sweden, February 21-25

Portland, Oregon, USA, April 18-22
These classes are now open for registrations. There are a limited number of seats, so register quickly if you want to participate. The class is a combination of teoretical presentations and practical labs. At the end of the training, we will build a quite complicated Asterisk carrier network, involving T1 PRI trunks, IAX2, SIP and normal analog phones. To read all the details and register, use this URL
These classes are very technical and requires knowledge of the Linux operating system. At both occasions we will run the dCAP examination, for those of you that wants to become Digium Certified Asterisk Professionals. More information on this certification is available on our web site.

Meet us at Von 2005 in San Jose, March 7-10

We will participate in the Asterisk Pavillon by Digium - a large booth dedicated to Asterisk products and services. Welcome to visit us and chat about Asterisk, chan_sip, our IAXphone and the Astricon conferences!

If you have any questions regarding these events, please mail us at !

Asterisk Seattle